Where You And Cloud Technology Complete The Transformation

How To Maximize Digital Technology:

Digital rules, but don’t forget the roots we laid for society.”

The age-old financial laws that’ve kept us alive remain in tact. The world is transforming through a digital completion that’s somewhat like gazing at the skies.

It was first called the digital transformation. It takes into account how cloud technologies replace labor with computer efficiencies. Web technology invaded our minds, and the world fell in love.

More years of innovation are in store, but the structural aspects are being completed. Tagging along requires you to adapt your work skills because public service and military might become the only “normal jobs.”

The cloud completes itself through a spread of data centers over the planet. It puts everything into a wireless component. No one has to “be there” to do anything.

The final step of this technology can only happen when computers can measure what we consider money. A lot is going digital, and nothing is stopping it. …

This message isn’t a doomsday prophecy.

Money is being made. More of it can if you’re adapted to the tech. Having a job or creating a business requires it.

I remember the roots I laid during a recent trip, and it compels me to tell you a story. It was the change in world economies that inspired me.

I discovered a wild vision that’s now becoming true.

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The Innovation of A Completed System”

Do you want know what I saw?

I had to get my mind out of the cloud for a better look, but we’ll get to that. A closer look at digital technology, and adaptation is your only option.

Start with the people you have to connect with.

I’m not going to call them cyborgs, but they’re not afraid of what’s going on. We don’t have to play as if this is some kind of conservative market.

People have changed. They want a future that’s exciting in every step. I’m going to show you what I saw and tell you a great way to soil the roots of technology also.


Let’s say you’re a financial expert, a guru with a heartbeat or a respected bank. What’s your consumer’s connection to money today? Is it you or technology?

No professional is “so well kept” to have evaded it. It was clear the day I saw it. My proposal is to go digital and to work with the tools it offers.

My business branched toward the cloud whereafter it seemed to bring it back to the earth. Technology is nothing if it has no utility, and there will be a lot to distract you.

The vision I had brought me to conversion copywriting.


Innovation Is Now Regulated By Words.”

Nothing enters or exits the data industry without that data being converted. We live in mankind’s most advanced society. Somehow, we can’t bring innovation to it without deciphering an alphabet. The entire cloud is accessed this way.

No innovation escapes it, and no innovation will.


Who Am I?

I’m a financial and technology writer.

My name is Joseph Minor.

My education began in Economics, digital tools and English.

My credentials replace your writer and marketing director as if tech didn’t already take over the jobs. My actual work combines a mentored education of copywriting with a deep understanding of Internet technology.

These skills bring me to a rooted story that has been growing for some time. …


Bringing The Entrepreneur To Closure:

Business profesionals, we want to branch to the cloud because of its many attractions.

There’s only one problem. Branches break. What best remains after each storm are the roots. What I started began with a few roots I laid into technology.

What I saw was a tree. The ficus grows in the tropics where I was a few years back.

I was just a freelancer. I knew nothing about conversions or why they call some content copywriting. I could only see it before.

I was in Costa Rica. Roots began to grow in place of leaves and branches.

See what the tree does:


Extending your roots daily is how you build on stone. These trees were still organic. Their foundations were immovable against the forces of nature.

I learned something differrent from planting. I once worked two hours a day as a farm hand, and it covered room and lodge as I started getting my first checks as a writer. I planted for years as a speculator looking for the right opportunity.

You plant when you want to bring life where there is none; you root when you cradle it, expand and reach adulthood.

My life’s investment came to me in that day, and I have been writing since.

Did you figure out what made it all possible? I didn’t always get compensated, but I wrote something everyday. I began seeing the art of writing like a bank.

Here are a few lessons I thought better if spoken metaphorically. There’s a lot to say, and I think you need it in a short amount of time:


*Everyone makes money in the Freedom Economy. I had to be engaged to see when and where.

Think about it: A foundation comes before weight can be dropped on it.

*Freedom requires a plan-b to hedge the losses. Losing is fine as long as you remain on track.

My stability had to be designed for the worst lightning storms, record hurricanes and god-fearing tornadoes. You then had to laugh at those things.

*You need something in place for stability.

Never stop working on your foundation no matter how far your branches go.

*If everyone gets paid, what happens on the “other days.”

While some roots were just ending their journey, others could just be beginning.

*The ficus comes from a specific species, which produces a fig.

Every living root in the ground will grow into something.

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