Competitive Copywriting Made Easy

Get straight to the point, don’t waste time and don’t make this about you.

Marketers write to invoke action from their readers. This means that being direct isn’t brash or disrespectful. It’s necessary.

What if I put your brand, including your product with its solution, into one simple sentence? You might have a book you want to sell. Getting someone to read it calls on your ability to get to the point.

This post is written for you.

Use it as a guide to getting your message across in little time.

It’s true; conversion copywriters have a huge advantage over you.

What we do gets more conversions, higher engagement and the sales you’ve been missing out on. Keep reading, and better understand how professionals stir emotion, peak the reader’s interest and get them to pull out their wallets.



Practice, Practice and Practice Some More”

It’s impossible to improve your brand if I sweet-talk you now.

Top writers spend their lives working on a craft that now makes copywriting the highest paid writing in the world. I want you to take what you learn and put it to use. You’re in luck. Not everyone will learn these steps.

Take what you learn, and practice it over time.

These skills boost the effectiveness of your copy, but you need a command over them. That can only happen when you use them. Practice, practice and practice a little more once you’ve understood the secrets.

Why Headlines Now Mean Everything

80 percent of readers will read your headlines only.”

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Getting your message across fast is what headlines are for. We use headlines to get the point across with no complexity. Mastering headlines enables you to master what’s called the elevator pitch.

It’s a basic, common concept in selling.

Here’s the scenario:

“You’re on an elevator with an important exec. You want to get their attention within 10 seconds. Put yourself here when you want to write a message in the most effective way. It’s an industry standard.”

Let’s cover a few points below to ensure that your oneliners work:

  • Uniqueness:
    Readers want to find something clearly better than a substitute they can have over yours. Express your uniqueness in every sentence. It isn’t complicated, but you have to say it. Always be unique.
  • Urgency:
    Make your readers feel like the world will end if they don’t respond or follow the link you have. Don’t actually tell them the world is coming to end, but suggest that they’ll certainly lose out.
  • Get To The Point:
    You’ve heard it before: show and don’t tell. What’s your solution? Let them read the post later. Saying that your client is 15 pounds thinner is better than telling them what she did.
  • Attraction:
    You might not like glitz and glamour, but it captures a great deal of attention. Don’t sell yourself out, but don’t be afraid of creativity; do something that hasn’t been done, and write to get attention.


A Quick Look At The Pain

So. .., your readers aren’t perfect.”


Pain points sound more drastic than they really are, but everyone has them.

It doesn’t mean that your leads are suicidal, but everyone does live with a challenge they need to endure or solve. Bringing attention to that challenge connects you with your ideal audience.

Consider these while you’re at it:

Let them know: you understand what they’re going through, and relate it to a personal story of yours. Present yourself as a friend with a clear view of who they are. Be a friend, but focus on the challenge they have.

Follow The Pains With Solutions
Always provide a solution. Don’t drag out the pain. Maintain the trust they gave you by providing a solution to the problem you brought to mind. Follow every pain with how it’s going to be solved.


Differences Between Benefits And Features

Here’s where it gets confusing. …”

There are two faces to what men and women sell. The two layers are the technical aspects that make a concept work and the end result people actually want the concept for.

You don’t buy goggles because they’re made with elastic straps and scratch-proof lenses. You buy goggles in order to see underwater.


Does your product or service make people feel great about themselves?

It then doesn’t matter what it actually is.

What you sell is a chance to feel great. Done.

 Emotional In Every Way:

How does the idea of your solution make people feel? Try selling that emotion before selling the concept.

What’s The Big Idea:

The moon landing in the ‘60s was about being on the moon for the public. They were inspired by how far we could go: “One giant leap for mankind.”

What we cover next are features.

The world governments instead saw the landing as a confirmation to the technology they’ve spent boat loads of money on. They confirmed their rockets would work.

It was actually one small step after all as it never happened again.


Features are the things we often don’t think of as consumers.

Who knows the average British thermal unit of an operating range? No one does, but we all know how to adjust our stovetops—“the range”—for the right cooking degree—“the British thermal units.”

Features make the actual things we buy.

Let’s take a closer look.

Measurable By Far:

Features are always measurable.

What does methyl methacrylate, with butyl methacrylate and titanium dioxide create?

– Paint

What does oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen make when added with sucrose?

– Soda

What do you create when you combine petroleum distillate, linseed oil and multiring nitrogen compounds?

– Ink

9F86EFF8-38F9-4BD2-B06F-85FE4443E28DSupported Claims:

You tie features into your writing by having them justify your benefits.

The KitKat brand is a great case in point.

You feel like you’ve gotten a 15 minute break because of the sugar, chocolate and caffeine. It has nothing to do with five minutes off from work. It’s about a sugar rush that’s so potent you forget your worries for a few minutes.

This agency follows through on their promise to give you a break with the tangible feature of sugar that you have to break into pieces.

Follow the emotional benefits of your online marketing with features for support, and you enable the feelings associated with your marketing to linger.

This is where features make an impact and how you write competitive copywriting in the easiest way. Work together features with benefits, and then practice a bit.

Your objective is higher conversions, and that goal is well within reach.

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