Conversion Copywriting

Pay-Per Click

Make a decision on the type of marketing you want. Pay-per-click comes with a cost. These ads take place of organic traffic. Organic marketing uses free tools like content distribution and social media profiles to build a following that gets sent content. Paid advertisement gets the same results in less time without the content.

Creating A Brand

Building a brand goes beyond a catchy title.

Your brand is an implied identity that relates directly to the consumer. It must be instant. Your identity has the potential to be recognized the exact moment people find it. The objective is to say who you are without wasting time. You can build a life-time of confidence within that instant, and I’ll show you how.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is leading in conversions across the board. Why aren’t you running a campaign now? The disbelief of email marketing is common. That’s why it works. You can succeed with five to six percent conversions, but we’ll average roughly 17 – 25 with perfected campaigns running at 35 to 40 percent.

PR Syndication

There’s an old trick in Public Relations that works like a charm.

Damage control isn’t important if you’re constantly creating new content. Some businesses need to produce content on a regular basis and as part of a strategy to protect their brands. There’s no story or rumor that can ruin you if you have something else to say. Keep it coming with my help.

Social Media

Operating without social media puts your business in a bind. It’s true. You don’t need to posts content on social, but you do need an account. Leverage business from SM by using it as a landing page. Turning your account into a landing page allows thousands of people to see your brand daily, and each of them will be engaged.

Mobile Adaptability

How many times does your reader adjust their devices before reading your content?

You can put an end to the complications. Mobile adaptability is the new SEO keyword. The Internet went berserk when people learned how keywords could run campaigns to get more business in the ‘90s. The same power behind keywords is now the same power you achieve with my mobile upgrade.

Landing Pages

Landing pages, landing pages, landing pages. … I wish I could say it more. Dedicating one page to a sole objective establishes the basic grounds for strategy. You can develop a single objective and then have readers hyperfocus on that objective to get industry conversions up to 30 — 40 percent.

HTML Code:

You don’t need to be a master code writer to put together a website. Just imagine, however, how much more can we do when we have an understanding of HTML and how to apply it. Delays are solved faster, creativity expands and your overall strategy becomes fail-proof.


What business online sells without headlines? Grabbing the reader’s attention happens in the first few words. The power of a string of seven or more words lets writers convert major campaigns with letters alone. Understand the infinite potential in ideas and how ideas are captured in language.


Slutty and sleazy are for an Internet culture that died in the early ‘90s.

Our persuasion is in the strategy. Your readers won’t see or know exactly why they feel so passionate about the solution you provide. We won’t scream in their faces, and all of our claims will be backed up with proof. The persuasion you receive is one that gets results while the structure behind it is almost invisible.

Your Balance Sheet:

This is all about money. I partner with brands and agencies that need content to be directly tied to a financial outcome. The work we do and the strategy we employ ties into boosting sales, increasing prices or adding products to your inventory line. If you want our relationship to be about making more money, then we’re a good fit.

Lead Generation:

There’s endless potential online. We’re not limited to only thousands when you have something that can really change the world. Let’s look at this from a broader perspective. Let’s look at this project as something to build the foundation of a strong lead generator that continues to bring consumers into your business.


Video emerges as a powerful tool. Film is now embracing the established “keyword.” The power video has comes from updates being made by Google: no surprise there. The search technology took its time, but it now picks up your script through transposition and scans it for content, keywords and a final rank.


We can get things right the first time by eliminating our urge to guess. Making assumptions takes you in the wrong direction. We need a measuring tool that gives us the facts the way they are. We have to test our material to tell us what the results will be beforehand.


I’m a writer thriving with digital technology, and my focus is words. There’s an editorial team involved to check for accuracy, data and the real potential for conversions. Search engines can find the errors within your work. It’s needless to say. I work to present something flawless.


Take a wild guess at how big the data industry is. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what a zettabyte is because the vastness of internet technology is somewhat beyond us. What continues to stun us is that we can’t access all of this data without reading. Every lead has to read online, and I’ve got the right words for them.


Syndication works when you prepare content in bulk and then slowly release it. This is the secret ingredient if you can’t keep up with your content schedule. True professionals prepare content in order to control quality. They then syndicate it as if it were freshly produced every week though prepared over months.


Research is what makes conversion copywriting excel. Digging deeper is always possible as long as you’re not afraid of a good challenge. Our strategies and ideas are only as good as the facts we uncover. The many elements of the audience, the market and your brand come together when we’re done.

Your Audience:

Relax as your audience undergoes a major audit. Here’s where your true target consumer is identified and then capitalized on. Bringing your brand to one single, ideal consumer is about perfecting your message. That message needs to be narrowed and associated to a specific identity I’ll uncover soon.

Sales & Advertising:

Sales is what I do and how products get moved online. My work has a sole objective. I advertise in order to increase sales. This page has a number of critical areas that you need to have for the most competitive online marketing. It begins with getting your audience eager to buy.

Front-Page SEO:

Search engine optimization is about getting on the front page. I promise to get your brand on the front page of its own industry within two weeks. What will be done for your business is the same that was done for this site. Exposure begins with certain words that put you in front of billions of people at a time.

Pre-Made Funnels & Websites:

Start from a proven foundation before you consider doing it all from scratch. Our work has been templated for special industries and niches. Get in touch with us because we just might have a site already optimized for your brand and its solution.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research goes beyond finding the cost you pay when campaigning your ads. Don’t limit yourself to trying to read the consumer’s mind. Instead, use this research to identity the words that your agency can compete with. Then mark those phrases within your content to rank at the best level possible.


Let me build your presence around consumers who’ve interacted with your brand. Retargeting is where we get results. It’s best to resend an initial message that your online consumer receives. Few of them will respond the first time. Doing a second, third or fourth round will often get the results.

Being Concise:

Let’s get to the point. I won’t waste time or talk about anything else. Each page will express the bottomline before readers get to the bottom line. Precision is the art of concise writing, and you’ve found a means to that end. Share your brand’s message, and it will be improved with greater clarity and a results-driven USP.

Anchored Text/Link Building/Backlinks:

Backlinks are the links you and I build to extend your brand. The search engines are looking for websites that publish links “back” to your site. This sends Web technology the message that your brand has public importance that’s recognized by online professionals and consumers.


Nothing is successful online without a strategy. Strategies are used to get into the psychology of your target audience. The next step is to get 100 steps ahead of what they’re thinking. This is how you give them a wake-up call that they can’t refuse. Strategies take into account every angle to achieve our sales goals.

Conversion Rates:

The more conversions you gain, the more your consumer will buy. Sales was the sole objective of writers in the past. Today it’s about conversions. A conversion is any goal achieved when that goal is put into the hands of your readers. We get closer to selling and boosting the financial bottomline with conversions.


There’s a special commitment consumers have to make to your brand. What better way can you get that commitment than by making a deal with them? Opt-ins only work when you provide them with something they otherwise wouldn’t have. Let’s get more conversions now.

The Call-To-Action:

Ask yourself, “What’s the point of my content and website?” You might immediately answer money, but you’ll need to ask for that money first. The ask part is what professional marketers describe as a call-to-action. The strategy of this must be as in-depth as a novel written over many years. We can get that started today.