I hope you’re wondering.

You should ask yourself why I say it’s all on my shoulders. The fact is simple. I haven’t seen too many recognizable faces in the freedom economy.

The others come and go.

I’ll tell you why that is. You can make ten-grand tomorrow and never duplicate it today. You can be a star, team player, but the ride is never steady.

Is it?

What kept me in was a formula. I’m now about to give it to you. It was only when I put a formula together that I was able to account for business versus speculation.

If you’re a creative of any kind, no one can tell you about business unless they discuss the art of finances as well as the art of your imagination. What most continually get confused is the imagination part.

They confuse that with money.

My formula eventually become a balance sheet I created for the artistic mind. It works to ground us in financial reality without killing our creative growth.

The formula defines speculation versus the actual business you have.

Once you master the “reality versus the goal,” you  won’t come and go like others do. I admit. This process is a bit technical, but there’s no better way to account for the finance of the creative mind.

There has never been a way to track it either.

Imagine all of the odd things I went through to finally discover what I’m about to give to you now.

I Call It Freedom Economics:

Joseph Minor

You may not be prepared to read the entire book, so here’s something to read instead.